Zhaofeng Plaza


Building name:Zhaofeng Plaza
Location: No. 1027 Changning Road, Changning District
Metro nearby: Line 2/3/4
Number of Floors: 42
Number of Elevators: 10
Type of office: 2-6 workstations
Office area: 10-50sq.m (Net)
Monthly rentals: please contact us, 4000-363605


Zhaofeng PlazaOffice Description

Shanghai Multimedia Park (Zhaofeng Plaza) is located in the heart of Changning District, Zhongshan Park shopping district - 1027 Changning Road. Here a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, neighboring service facilities, East China Normal University, Political Science and Law, Donghua University and other universities and research institutions around the park around, academic atmosphere for entrepreneurs from creating an excellent multi-faceted business environment. Dell has gathered Park (China), LG Electronics, Hollywood Studios, Hong Kong, GDC, Alibaba, Fudan quantum Multimedia Group, a group of Chinese and foreign well-known enterprises. Shanghai Multimedia Industry Park with a total construction area of about 350,000 square meters, including the 5A class office buildings, four-star multimedia commercial, hotel-style single apartment and upscale residential district, will set up a research and development, exhibition, trade, investment, training, conferences, hatching seven center, forming a versatile incubator.