Wujiaochang Park

Government Park

Wujiaochang Park

Yangpu District meaning "Poplar Bank", is one of the 19 districts in Shanghai. It is located in the northeast of Shanghai, bordering the Huangpu River on the east and south, Hongkou District on the west and Baoshan District in the north. The southern part of Yangpu District is only 4 km (2.5 mi) away from the Bund, a major tourist attraction. It is predominantly composed of residential communities, with a total area of 60.61 km2 (23.40 sq mi) and a population of 1.313 million as of 2010. The whole district is divided administratively into 11 resident subdistricts and 1 town.


Yangpu District is connected to the neighbouring Pudong New Area across the Huangpu River by one bridge, three tunnels, and six ferry lines. These include the Yangpu Bridge, the Xiangyin Road Tunnel, the Dalian Road Tunnel, and the Jungong Road Tunnel. A fourth tunnel, the Yinhang Road Tunnel is currently under construction.
The industrial wharves along the Huangpu which service the industrial centres of Yangpu are being phased out by residential developments on the waterfront.

Wujiaochang Area

Wujiaochang Area was set up as Shanghai sub center in 1991. Since then it has been developed faster and faster. There are 11 universities, 150 thousands students in this area. More than 0.6 million tourists visit here daily. Wujiaochang Area becomes a modern area which mixed education, industry and science.
Wujiaochang Area includes Wujiaochang Town and Wujiaochang Industrial Area. The total area is over 16 sq. km with a population about 200,000. Wujiaochang will be a modern area with comprehensive mission.
Nowadays, Wujiaochang Area builds a business area in the center of the town. That means Wujiaochang Area is the modern comprehensive business area at present.