Working Permit and Z Visa

Work Visa , Z Visa& Working Permit Services


According to new policy started in November 2016 , the old “Alien Employment Permit” and old “Foreign Expert Certificate” was combined to one named “Foreigner’s Work Permit” (FWP). The foreign expert bureau  taking charge of it from 1st April 2017.



The New Policy Divide The Foreigners Who Works In China Into 3 Categories

  1. Class A (Talent - encourage)
  2. Class B (Specialty - control)
  3. Class C (Normal - restrict)

Elitestage Platform are specializing in providing China Visa support and a variety of market entry consulting services to foreigners who wish to enter, work, invest or reside in China. We would like to share the visa details with you as below :


Application Procedures

  1. Application for Foreigners Employment Permit Notice
  2. Application for an Occupation Visa (Z Visa)
  3. Application for Foreigners Work Permit and Foreigner’s Residence Card


Required Documents

  1. Application Form for Employment of Foreigners
  2. Work Certificate (Reference letters issued by former employers)
  3. Certified highest degree level (education level) certificate or relevant certificate, certificates of professional qualifications
  4. Certified Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Issued by the applicant’s place of nationality or place of long-term residency
  5. Employment contract
  6. Business licence or registration certificate of the employer or related organization
  7. Last year's tax certificate of the employer or related organization
  8. Health certificate, temporary residence registration in China, recent photo, passport or other international travel documents of  the foreigner to be employed

                                                                                                                                                      9.Any other documents specified by laws and                                                                                                                                                           regulations


Elite Stage Platform team of experts are from a variety of professional backgrounds with abundant experience to ensure that our clients can apply the Foreigner’s Work Permit successfully.

We are doing working permit information change , newly apply for working permit , visa extension and etc. If you any specific questions, please make inquiry to our experts.