Why Should You Apply Special License for Company Registration?

Why Should You Apply Special License for Company Registration?

License & Permit of Special Industry

With over ten years of experience in project investment and rich industrial, commercial, financial and taxation resources, Elite Stage advisory team has successfully helped enterprises from various industries to obtain qualification permits for and built enterprise structures at home and abroad.

Our aim is to design the optimal enterprise structure scheme for the development direction and positioning of enterprises, help them to set up companies at home and abroad, and obtain the required business license, approval and other related permits. Actually, we are whole-hearted to provide you with the most effective, feasible, economic, and quality enterprise services!

Why do you need a license?

To do any business activity in China requires a formal license issued by the government department concerned.

On the one hand, it is to regulate the industry market of all sectors; on the other hand, it is to verify the qualification of merchants and provide assurance to customers.

What licenses are required for special industries?

Elite Stage has sorted out the following contents for you:

Handling by yourself VS Handling by professional agency

Compared with the handling by yourself, what benefits will be brought about by that by professional agency?

Then, why you should choose Elite Stage from the thousands of professional agencies?

Four reasons for you to choose 

Elite Stage

Professional bilingual service

Champion in the industry

The team of Elite Stage has been engaged in qualification agency for ten years, provided bilingual consultation service, and managed to help more than 2,000 enterprises of various types in qualification handling,which are well received.

Be fair and reasonable

Charge at a standard and normative rate

The handling of professional license qualification is charged in strict accordance with the standard system to prevent unreasonable charging.

Considerate consultant

All-the-way tracking service

Online tracking system and one-stop service by professional consultant to spare your worry all the way!

High success rate of qualification agency

Worry-free and effort- & money-saving

The success rate of qualification agency is as high as 95%, being No.1 in the industry!

Successful cases of 

qualification agency

How to handle the corresponding company registration?


What are the requirements for the registration of a limited liability company in China?


Pursuant to the latest company law, to establish a limited liability company, the following requirements shall be met:

  • A quorum of shareholders
  • The investment contributed by shareholders meets the minimum amount of authorized capital
  • The shareholders have jointly formulated the Articles of Association
  • A company name has been given and an organization that meets the requirements of a limited liability company has been established
  • A company domicile

What are the registration procedures?


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