Why Many Companies Choose Human Resources Outsourcing?

Why Many Companies Choose Human Resources Outsourcing?

Human Resources Outsourcing Service
The so-called HR outsourcing is the outsourcing mode that enterprises focus on the strategic core area for better development, and transfer the trivial, complex HR affairs through cooperation with third-party organizations.According to the relevant China human resources policies and regulation, Elite Stage foreign service experts provide the HR outsourcing services for enterprises and individuals, including salary service, recruitment and HR agency services, as well as professional labor dispatch, recruitment and other HR outsourcing services .


Why outsourcing?

First of all, let us be clear about who need HR outsourcing services.

HR Outsourcing Service Users

Small and medium-sized enterprises without HR staff Foreign-invested enterprise branches and their local enterprisesLarge supermarket and operation branches Business outlets of all commercial chain enterprises

Unemployed, self-employed workers and other employees

 Other qualified companies and individuals

The following advantages of HR outsourcing services  guarantee the above users could enjoy an economical and professional HR solutions.
Reduce enterprise cost
Through HR outsourcing services, company can simplify social welfare staff, head-hunting staff, and other HR related positions system, outsource these tasks to other professional third party, comparing with the original labor cost and office expenses, which can greatly reduce the company cost.


Avoid labor disputes & risks

Regulate HR management process strictly, standardize labor contract management facilities, help enterprises avoid labor disputes caused by unfamiliar labor policies, and reduce possible risks.

03Improve staff satisfaction
HR outsourcing services are one-stop services, which can fully cover most of problems. This not only simplifies the management process of employees, but also improves the employees' satisfaction, and keeps updated of the latest social security policy.


What does HR outsourcing service cover?

HR Outsourcing Service Scope

Assist employees to complete the recruitment or transfer Open housing fund account and initiate the payment proceduresDeclare social insurance each month and adjust annual social insurance basis Adjust the housing fund basis and provide daily custody services

Apply for the employment injury, maternity and unemployment insurance

√ Provide related materials, such as medical insurance card and medical insurance manual

 Calculate Individual income tax

Other HR agency services & relevant supporting materials

Reference : Individual Income Progressive Tax Rate Table (Applicable to individual residents wages and salaries)

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