Why Different



 One-Stop Solution to save your cost
Elite Stage is focused on establishing a stage for all industry elites, to offer One-Stop Solutions including serviced offices, to save your office, accounting,human resources and other costs. We are not just about creating a workspace and collecting rental fees. We strive to offer you a distinguished company image and all-in one package especially for new company and representatives. Over the years, we have developed vital strategies to differentiate ourselves. Our objective is providing the right support to our clients so they are able to focus on their business while all nitty-gritty issues are well-taken care by us.

 Stringent Selection of Tenants
Instead of renting indiscriminately to anyone, our primary focus will be unwaveringly on getting the right tenant. We have been always selective of who rents our office. Based on our prior experience, an inappropriate tenant mixture can cause a lot of inconveniences to all the other tenants.

 Proven Proactive Policy
We are a believer of “whatever can go wrong will go wrong”. Our air-condition systems, electrical points and IT systems are serviced regularly and checks are performed periodically to minimize any downtime. We also keep an inventory of spares for immediate replacement should there is a failure. We have taken a preventive approach in all aspects. Prevention is always better than cure.

 Swift Response
In the event there is a downtime, our clients are assured our support team will be attending to it within the first hour of your feedback. Our company does not procrastinate because we didn’t like the idea of being told to wait either.

 Proactive Approach
Sometimes, things don't really turn out the way you expected. If our clients need to terminate the contract prematurely due to expansion plans, downsizing or relocation, we allow our clients to transfer to a bigger office or relocation subjected to availability. And the clients should inform us only one month before. This process usually won’t take more than 2 months; ofcourse, there are some exceptional cases. This scheme ensures all our tenants have a peace of mind when they rent an office from us. Assistance is always there when you need it.

 Fair & Reasonable Price System
We are an ardent advocate of quality and price war is never part of our strategy while you can be sure our serviced offices are reasonably priced with no hidden charges. We practice transparency in our pricing so that all clients know what they are paying for.