Why Applying Work Permit Should Provide Diploma Legalization?

Why Applying Work Permit Should Provide Diploma Legalization?

From 1st April 2017, when you apply Foreigner' s Work Permit (FWP)  ,  you are request to provide your original degree diploma. If your diploma was not issued in China, then it should be legalized (or authenticated, by the following authority:

  • Legalized (or authenticated) by Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country
  • Legalized (or authenticated) by your diploma issued country's Embassy or Consulate in China
  • Legalized (or authenticated) by China Ministry of Education (MOE)

If you have already been in China and don’t want to deliver your original degree diploma to your home country, then you can choose us to help you.

What documents need to be prepared? 

Get your overseas degree legalized (or authenticated) in Shanghai, China
Original Passport
Original Diploma
Original transcript (as a supplement, if you don't have it, please ignore it)
1 questionnaire needs to fill in
1 Declaration which need you download, fill and sign it (sample in page 2)
1 digital picture (size: 3.5cm*4.5cm)
Notice:If you study abroad and get your diploma abroad (for example, Japanese studied in UK and got a UK diploma), then you need to provide extra UK student visa copy as a proof.

If you get your diploma from a school

which is not licensed by your country's Ministry of Education, the legalization (or authentication) will be failed for sure, so please don't try with a fake diploma or a diploma which comes from a no-license school.

If the legalization (or authentication) is rejected by this reason, we will only re-fund you government legalization fee.

We will not re-fund you the service fee and the government translation fee.

Normal Service Time: 20-30 Working Days

What is the application procedure?

Step 1
You send above Paperwork list 1,2,3,4,5(clear scan copy, specially, for your picture scan, please keep them and handover at Step 4) by email to Consultant@Elitestage.com

Step 2
We will review your application first, if everything is ok, we will request you to pay full amount in advance.
Step 3
We will get the official translation agency to do the diploma translation.(3 working days)
Step 4
We will submit your application to China Ministry of Education (MOE) for legalization (or authentication).Notice:

At this step, you need to bring all above Paperwork list 1-5 (please make sure the picture you bring is same as your email at Step1) in original and show up with us at the government office, the officer will check your original documents and keep the copy.

Step 5
After the legalization , we will express it directly to your address.

Why choose Eliet Stage?

For some reason, a few foreign diplomas didn't show degree (Bachelor, Master etc.) , but it's equal to Bachelor or Master in their foreign country's education system.When you do those kind of diploma legalization with China MOE, MOE will evaluate it and leave comments.

It will save a lot of time for you to explain that again during your work permit application.

It's permanent validity, done once and you can use it in China forever.

Flexible Service
1  Don't need to deliver your original degree to your home country for Legalization. Everything can be done here in China,our service covers most of the cities in China
2  One-Stop service:
Include diploma translation; Chinese government legalization; the finial legalization (or authentication) can be used directly for your Foreigner's Work Permit
3  After the legalization, we can deliver it for you

Elite Stage promises

to provide the most reliable services

with the most favorable price

In 2020,

an online system &

Start-up Tips Audio Sharing have been lauched

ensuring every client

to get work visa application progress in real time

 enjoy one-to-one specialized consulting services

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