Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Structure Plan

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Structure Plan

The Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE or WOFE ) is a Limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investors. With that, any enterprise in China which is 100% owned by a foreign company or companies can be called as WFOE.

  • If the WFOE only be allowed to manufacture here. We call them manufacturing WFOE
  • If the WFOE is allowed to do Consulting & Service, we call them Consulting WFOE
  • If the WFOE is allowed to do Trading, Wholesale, Retail or Franchise in China, we call them Trading WFOE or FICE (Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise)
  • Independence and freedom to implement the worldwide strategies of its parent company without having to consider the involvement of the Chinese partner
  • Ability to formally carry out business rather than just function as a representative office and being able to issue invoices to their customers in BMB and receive revenues in RMB
  • Capability of converting RMB profits to US dollars for remittance to its parent company outside of China
  • Protection of its intellectual know-how and technology
  • Full control of human resources
  • Greater efficiency in operations, management and future development

Procedures for WFOE Registration

Required Documents

  • Provide investors documents notarized and authenticated by local notary public and Chinese embassy in belonging country, 2 originals
  • Provide relevant materials including company names and business scope (we will suggest and confirm with you)
  • Provide the office address for registration (if you have office to register)
  • Prepare the relevant personnel documents (including shareholders, legal person, supervisor and financial person in charge)

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