Ugent Notice for Visa Renewal -New Requirement

Ugent Notice for Visa Renewal -New Requirement

15th Oct 2018 - If you are the owner(shareholder or legal representative) of the company, when you renew your work permit, the government will request you to provide your company tax receipt to prove that your company is running for business (not only be established for supporting yourself a visa). If you can not provide the company tax proof, your work permit renewal might be rejected.

When applying for a Foreigner's Work Permit(FWP) in China, for Category A (high salary), Category B  (skilled talents), Category A or Category B (through points system), Category C (fresh graduate), the applicants usually are asked to submit a Payroll Commitment(PC).It will be required to provide an Individual Income Tax Pay Slip(IITPS) when applicants doing application next time (including FWP renewal,amendment, replacement and cancellation), and also theWithholding Agent (WA) should be the same name as the employer in the FWP.

Recently,Shanghai Administration Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs has promulgated measures to those who fail to comply with Payroll Commitment(PC). We are enjoy to share with all.

According to the current regulations, if the employer or employee can not provide the required Individual Income Tax Pay Slip(IITPS), the employer or employee will be listed on the “List to be verified” and “Abnormal Information Management List”. The employer or employee in this list will no longer be eligible for any commitments and compensation points, and the already issued FWP need to becancelled.

1.Identify and confirm the employer or the employee who fail to comply with Payroll Commitment(PC)

The employer or the employee, who fail to provide IITPS, will not beeligible for any PC, point system, and acceptance mechanism within one year. The obtained FWP will be invalid and need to be cancelled within one month after receiving notice.

2.If the employer or the employee, who fail to comply with Payroll Commitment(PC), do not cancel the FWP within the required time

The employer or the employee will not be eligible for any PC, point system, and acceptance mechanism within one year.The related Authority will report it to the State Administration of Foreign Experts to cancel the work permit, and will transfer the relevant information to the Immigration Bureau. All applications (except the cancellation) of the company will be suspended for one year, and will be dealt with according to the rectification situation in one year.

3.Serious Circumstances

The employer or the employee are no longer applicable to any PC, point system, and acceptance mechanism, and the FWP application of the employer or the employee in China will be prohibited.

「Elite Stage 」 would like to remind the applicants that as long as you have made the PC, to avoid affecting the normal application of the FWP, please remember to provide IITPS that meet the commitment requirements when hand over the application in the next time, including renewal,amendment, replacement and cancellation of FWP.

Therefore, the most important thing, you need to check with your company's boss,HR or accountant if they have declare your salary to tax bureau or not, if yes, please print out the  Individual Income Tax Pay Slip(IITPS).


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