Consecutive Interpretation:   Business negotiations, Escort interpretation, Exhibitions.
Consecutive Interpretation:   Academic seminars , Academic lectures, on-site interpretation, large and medium-scale conferences, press releases ,international conferences etc.

Written Translation:

Document type:   Thesis, conference papers, academic documents, scientific research results, teaching cases, academic monographs, literary works, published books, application documents, science & technology patents, legal contracts, government documents, notary documents and complicated technical data, etc.
Industry:   Economics, management science, law, literature, philosophy, sociology, education, arts, advertising media, medicine, pharmacy, physics, chemistry, construction, traffic, mechanical engineering, computer, communications engineering and electronics, etc.

Document writing:

Professional writing and translation of: business plans, business promotion marketing planning books, market research reports, corporate management consulting reports, industry advisory reports, financial analyses, audit reports, evaluation reports, notary documents, foreign legal instruments, application documents, immigration documents, work history, personal resumes, personal statements and letters of recommendation, etc.
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When designed and implemented correctly, a global company website can be the most cost-effective and flexible marketing tool of all time.  Elite Stage offer solutions for web localization.

Website localisation:

It is the process of translating website into another language or other languages while adapting it for a specific country or region. Localization can also be defined as the second phase of a larger process of translation.
Therefore, it is important not to restrict the process to a simple translation activity since it involves much more: a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to appropriately adapt the product.
Thanks to our good government relationship and connection, through our guideline, your new business will enjoy the preferential local policyand discounts. We could assist you register WFOE, set up representative, Joint-Venture company, Import and Export Right License, Trademark, Wine circulation License efficiently, and also Offshore company and so on.
Elite Stage consultants are all bilingual and full of experiences. Elite Stage partner has over 10 years interpreter experiences, and Auditor background in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Firm, we also have famousLaw firm partners to be our partner. We are geared to provide the high level of services to assist foreign investors to enter into China markets monthly and start their business quickly.