The 2020 Brand New Taxation Calendar : What Tax Priorities

The 2020 Brand New Taxation Calendar : What Tax Priorities

The first quarter of 2020 is coming to the end, and accountants are also coming to the busiest period. Final financial budget, annual statements, enterprise income tax declaration and inspection and other work will carry out in succession.

"How to keep step with taxation timeline precisely???" Many accountants mignt be confused.

Elite stage has sorted out the financial priorities of the 2020 financial calendar for you !

Besides, Elite Stage has another way to make sure every significant fiscial timeline can be tracked and reminded in advance.

Good News! 

Elite Stage's Intelligent Accounting Tax Management has been Launched

Intelligent Fiscal & Taxation System

In 2020, Elite Stage proposed a strategic cooperation with 17Win Company invested by Servyou Group, registered as a digital financial and taxation enterprise, put into use of the software systems based on big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., and launched online financial and taxation functions to provide enterprises with intelligent accounting tax management.

Customers only need to follow the official wechat account , where they can open the portable fiscal and tax files, check company tax status, financial data & statements, and invoices & inventory data, as well as synchronize the fiscal and tax data; therefore customers can always control the corporate financial lifeline without leaving home!

Bilingual tax risk assessment

Tax Guardian Service conducts all-tax risk detection, scans existing and potential tax-related risk prompt reports and automatically generates a high-quality corporate tax-related risk response report every month to avoid corporate tax-related risks ,enhance tax credit level, and achieve a full range of tax insurance protection!

See, is it more feasible than the traditional way to work?

Corporate Fiscal Services on Discount, 

Free to Apply Online Taxing System

At this time, Elite Stage proposed a series of corpaorate Fiscal and Taxing Services with special offer.

What's more, purchasing any one of services can enjoy the free use of Intelligent Accounting Tax Management!


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