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ONE-Stop Accounting & CPA Service -Elite Stage

As one of the well known foreign investment enterprises, Elite Stage provide global clients with financial accounting management and consulting services. Elite Stage has accountants,tax experts and tax agents to provide one-stop financial and taxation consulting.Help foreign invested enterprises with tax regulation,legally tax avoidance,provide strategic management of financial and taxation rationalization and legalization.
After company registration and get the bank account opening license,you can get a one-stop service including earlier stage,middle stage and later stage of financial and taxation issues.shanghai accounting and taxation service.

Earlier Stage: Taxation Application:

 Tax type setting and verification
Tax agent training, declaration system purchasing,three parties tax deduction agreement
 Legal representative meet with tax officer
 General tax payer qualification application and verification
 Tax control system purchasing,training
 Invoices purchasing

Middle Stage:Accounting Declaration:

 Financial software configuration,accounting book setting
 Statements drafting and declaration (General ledger,detail account,balance,profit and loss)
 Tax declaration (Circulation tax,personal tax,company income tax,statement and attached statement)
 Translation and sending of statements
 VAT invoice deduction and verification
 Employees’ social security,insurance and wage declaration
 Bank reconciliation and foreign exchange settlement
 Binding and recording of accounting documents

Later Stage:Financial Trusteeship:

 Application of tax rebates
 Invoice purchasing and management
 Invoice issuing and delivery
 Import&Export products invoice data collection
 Auditing and asset evaluation
 Annual settlement of Financial Bureau
 Tax type increasing and changing
 Application of tax exemption
 Non-trade Certificate registration (Above 50,000USD of foreign trade)

Elite Stage based on the experiences of the financial management of foreign invested enterprises,combined with financial software information. That is why Elite Stage  is ahead of other competitors on the financial service efficiency.
Chinese accounting standard is different than any other countries,only under the complete financial system and legalization circumstances can foreign invested enterprises stand at a legal position in their future expanding stage when they need to allocate shares,reinvestment,merger and acquisition.In China,it is not accountant and interpreter you need,what you need is a comprehensive financial strategic management service institution which deserves your trusty.

Elite Stage Financial Advisory Team

Our financial advisory team are composed of senior accountants with responsible attitude and with CPA experiences,senior consultant team has a unique understanding of the local China economy and local government policies. We have professional specialists of integrity. Through the integrity of our actions, we consistently deliver tailor made One-Stop solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. Partners have deloitte CPA firm auditor professional background, our accountants are specialized in fields of accounting, taxation,translation, and other business issues in China. The common value possessed by our service team members enables us to provide the best professional services for global clients.