Tax Reporting


Initial Declaration of New Enterprise

1. Why is it necessary to deal with initial declaration?

The initial declaration is an important component consisting of taxpaying declaration. When the taxpayer and the withholding agent fulfill tax registration, they must fill and submit to the competent taxation organ the declaration forms ranging from Form of Initial Declaration and Taxpaying Approval, Definition on Levy and Exemption of Turnover Tax of Permanent Representative Organ of Foreign Enterprise and Form of Verification of Method of Tax Calculation, Initial Declaration of Royalties levied on Private Motor Vehicle and Vessel, and Regulatory Tax towards Investment into Fixed Assets, etc. The initial declaration aims to better reinforce the supervision and control over the tax sources of the local tax and put taxpaying declaration ahead at the stage of tax registration; it is a preliminary step for the taxation organ to duly master information of taxation, monitor and control sources of tax; therefore, it is a step convenient for taxpayer and withholding agent to go through taxpaying procedures and reduce taxpaying steps.

2. Certificates and materials needed by the initial declaration

 Certificates and materials requested by the initial declaration (an original piece of certificates and materials, a photocopy of certificates and materials; the original will be returned to the taxpayer after being verified, whilst the photocopy has to be filed by the organ of tax registration):
 License of Business or Certificate of Registration of Industry and Commerce
 Purchase Invoice of Motor Vehicle and Certificate of Road-worthiness
 Certificate of Property Ownership or Certificate of Joint Ownership of Property or Agreement of Lease
 Certificate of Permit of Land Use approved and issued by City Planning Administration or Administrative Organ of Land, for example, Certificate of Usage of State-owned Land, etc
 In case the taxpayer or the withholding agent has to modify the organ of tax registration because of changes of office and business site, he shall withdraw the tax registration in the previous organ of tax registration dealing with your first registration, before applying for modification in administrative organ of industry and commerce, or before cancellation, or before alteration of office and business site; meanwhile, please apply for proceeding with tax registration of business start-up in the competent organ of taxation where your business is relocated.
 All the other certificates and materials required by the organ of taxation.

3. The relevant tax types of carrying out initial declaration

The taxpayer and the withholding agent, in line with their business operation, shall make an initial declaration when it comes to the tax types within the jurisdiction of the local taxation organ.

4. Term of making an initial declaration

Within the 30 days upon the date when company (enterprise) specialized in production and operation and private business owner receive their business license or upon the date when the relevant authorities approve the establishment, the taxpayers and the withholding agents shall bring their certificates concerned to make an initial declaration in the competent taxation organ.

Within the 30 days upon the date when the subsidiary undertaking production and operation in a non-independent accounting manner or any taxpayer or any withholding agent who does not deal with production or operation but bears the responsibility of paying local tax receives business license issued by bureau of industry and commerce or when the relevant authorities approve the establishment, the taxpayers and the withholding agents shall make an initial declaration in the taxation organ