Tax Registration


Procedures of tax registration carried out by new enterprise

In accordance with the Article Ⅸ specified by Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Tax Collection, your company shall, within 30 days upon the date when you have received business license or permit approved by the other competent authorities, bring the following documents to the department of collection and management of taxation subject to the State Administration of Taxation.

Documents submitted to proceed with tax registration:

 The copy and the photocopy of business license or permits and photocopies approved and issued by the other competent authorities
 The photocopy of identification card of legal representative
 The certificate of property rights of real estate of enterprise or the photocopy of certificate of property lease of enterprise
 The photocopy of accounting certificate of accountant of enterprise
 The photocopy of permit of opening bank and the photocopy of bank deposit receipt
 The photocopies related to regulations and provisions of company, resolution of shareholders’ meeting, designation file of the relevant staff, the agreement, or any approval letter of start-up released by the higher authorities
 The photocopy of capital verification report of enterprise and the photocopy of assets evaluation report of enterprise
 Statement of corporate accounting system and financial system
 The photocopy of certificate of organization code of enterprise
 The photocopy of invoice of renting an office
 Official seal, financial and accounting seal, and name seal of legal person

In case any branch company and its head office are not loca​ted in the same county or the same city, the certificate demonstrating that the head office is a general taxpayer, shall be provided