Shanghai Using Tech for City Management

Shanghai Using Tech for City Management

Working as brain of the city, the urban management center in Shanghai's Pudong New Area has facilitated precise city management through cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, since its launch in 2017.

Official data shows that the center's online management system has connected with 341 working systems in the region, including public security, city administration, and environmental protection.

A total of 11.8 petabytes of city data has been collected and used in city management so far.

Management content is categorized into about 60 scenarios in the system, such as bus route optimization, noise control, and flood prevention, to make work efficient, according to Wang Lei, deputy director of the emergency management department in Pudong New Area.

Around 40,000 sensing devices connected to the system have been set to monitor the district in real time.

Thirty-six smart urban management sub-centers have also been established in Pudong.


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