Samoa Formation


Location – Situated in Polynesia about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is about 2,890km from Auckland, 4,400km from Sydney and 8,400km from Los Angeles

Capital – Apia (located on the island of Upolu)

Population -- Approximately 165,000

Languages – Samoan is the national language, English is the official language of business

Legal System – English Common Law

Currency – Samoa tala (approx. USD 1 : WST 3.03)

Exchange Control – None

Economy – Samoa’s economy has been largely dependent on agriculture. The manufacturing and service sectors are now becoming significant contributors to the GDP

Time Zone – GMT -11

Principal Corporate Legislation – International Companies Act 1987


Known as Western Samoa until the prefix “Western” was dropped in 1997, Samoa is a group of Pacific islands located in the heart of Polynesia. Its two main islands are situated approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa gained its independence from Great Britain in 1962, earning the distinction of being the first independent sovereign state in the South Pacific. Samoa is a member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank. The country’s infrastructure is well developed, with services offered by four commercial banks that are regulated in accordance with international standards of best practice. As well as Polynesian Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air Pacific have direct flights or connections to Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland, Hawaii and other Pacific islands. International telecommunications are available 24 hours a day and international courier services are readily available.


An independent sovereign nation with political, economic and social stability.

Substantial tax advantages.

User-friendly to Asian investors – a company can be registered with a Chinese-character name, and other foreign languages are permitted in addition to the English-language name of the company on the Certificate of Incorporation.

Chinese-language M&As are available, and documents may be filed in any language with an English translation.

Long Term International Companies available with discounts offered when paying 5-year, 10-year or 20-year license fees in advance

Samoa’s legislation has strict confidentiality and secrecy provisions, sanctioned by heavy penalties written into each of the Acts forming its legal basis

Low Government fees for re-domiciliation