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Pudong Expo Park

The Expo 2010 Shanghai China highlights the theme of "Better City, Better Life", the Sanlin Expo Homeland being built on the prime land of Pudong offers a better life to those who will be resettled there from the expo site.
The proposed expo site covers 5.28 square kilometers, of which 3.93 square kilometers or 74.4 percent are located in Pudong. In all, 10,420 households and 28,000 people in the three neighborhoods of Zhoujiadu, Shanggang and Nanmatoulu will be affected. The total floor space of the buildings to be dismantled is 730,000 square meters.

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The homeland will occupy a total area of 101.23 hectares. In all, 900,000 square meters of residential buildings and 150,000 square meters of commercial and municipal facilities.
Sanlin Town is located in the southwest of Pudong New Area, West by the Huangpu River, North Sichuan young River Bridge Town, Nanhui District East and North Cai Town, adjacent to South and Minhang District, with Pujiang town. In 2000 April the "removal of a 2" original Yangsi town with the original Sanlin Town set up a new three Town, covers an area of 31.28 square kilometers, an area of 805.4 hectares of arable land. The population of more than 9.4 people, registered floating population 120000, the agricultural population of nearly 10000. The town has a basic level Party branch (Branch) 101, 21 village committees, neighborhood committees 27.

Sanlin Town

The Cultivated land area 1098.4 hectares; a total of 29110 households, 74932 people, of which agricultural population of 11874 households, 30842 people. Sanlin is under the jurisdiction of 24 Village committee And 11 Neighborhood committees .
The town of South Outer Ring Road and Xu Pu Bridge Trans, is an important channel connecting the Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport; the central link in Shanghai city and a tunnel; North Lu Pu Bridge and Chuan Yang River; there are 3 km long coastline of Pujiang; Yang Gao Nan Lu (Lin Hailu), three road on the south, Jiyang Road, PU and Chuan Yang river, Lin Tang Port form arranged in a crisscross pattern of traffic network.
In 2000, the industry gross income is 4.4 billion RMB. The industrial sales income is 1.813 billion RMB. With Yang Si Industrial Zone Town Industrial Zone, CIMIC Diamond Co. Ltd., O Hirofumi Footwear Company Limited, Pan Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. are all located here .
Agricultural income is 128 Million, from a single appropriately to the seedlings of vegetables, trees, flowers, forest economic development.
The town of the tertiary industry totally is 2.123 billion RMB, of which real estate income amount is 920 million RMB. The real estate, trading companies are still the main business of Sanlin Town.