Process & documents

1. Our Services Include:

1.1 Company name search

1.2 Provide Sample Memorandum and Article of Association ("M&A") (Only company limited by shares)

1.3 Prepare and submit appointment of directors, company secretary, founder members and related documents

1.4 Collect Certificate of Incorporation ("CI")

1.5 Collect Business Registration License ("BR")

1.6 Provide certified true copy document

1.7 Provide local HK secretary, HK virtual office address for registration

1.8 Provide local HK phone for government contact

1.9 Deluxe green box set

Include: 20 copies of "M&A", 1 statutory book, 1 share certificates book (20 pages), 1 seal and 2 chops

2. Hong Kong Company Formation needs 10 Working Days

3. Individual Investor Prepared Materials

2.1 Shareholder Identification (Foreigner: Passport Copy and address approval, Chinese: person ID card)

2.2 Company Name