Personal assistant

Incorporation Services

Elite Stage Language Support Team provide clients with Personal Assistant and Business Assistant support. These services include all the services you would expect from administrative assistant to sourcing or shopping assistant and so on.

For Business Assistant, it will eliminate the costly business expenses such as payroll taxes, welfare, office space, equipment! Our Business Assistants have full experiences in business, and can join your team or accompany your business travel, to offer interpretation, sourcing, factory auditing, assistant, making appointments, secretarial and other related support.

Our PA Stars
Catherine Cinderella Wenxi
Kelly Lily Yin Ling
Maggie Vivian Flo

For Personal Assistant, they will break through the language barrier to help you explore all around China. They are well trained in all the relevant skills. They can be your shopping assistant, city companion, restaurants or bars books and recommendation, make arrangement of your travel, and so on.

Personal Assistant:

Airport pick up
Hotel & Serviced Flat booking
Apartment search assistance
Shopping assistance bargaining
Monthly tasks(Paying tax & bills)
Personal and business trip Plan

Business Assistant:

Expo/Trade fair /Factory Auditing
Local Product Sourcing
Market Research
Secretary Service
Tele Cold Call/Appointment
Shanghai serviced office (China mobile phone card & name card)