Our Team


Our investment advisory team members have been doing company registration experiences for a long time,with full experiences and government support, Elite Stage has been recognized as Member of Pudong Agency Association. During the past few years, we have assisted many individuals and companies to register different kinds of enterprises,including cafes and restaurants, Dangerous goods company, company of medical instruments, medical health care products company, headhunters, engineering decoration company, Art Company, financial service Corporation, Asset Management Company, financial information and other types of companies, and for the various types of license involved, so that enterprises can focus on their own business.
Our financial advisory team are composed of senior accountants with responsible attitude and with CPA experiences,senior consultant team has a unique understanding of the local China economy and local government policies.

We have professional specialists of integrity. Through the integrity of our actions, we consistently deliver tailor made One-Stop solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.

We have a professional team who are specialized in fields of accounting, taxation,translation, and other business issues in China. The common value possessed by our service team members enables us to provide the best professional services for global clients.

Interpretation Support team provide business interpretation and translation services at your request. Our interpreters and translators are selected after rigorous process, with over 2-25 years experiences,customized to your needs. They are certified interpreters with CATTI certificate (China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters), or interpreters with the experience and credentials necessary to provide accurate and professional service.

We have offered interpreters to thousands of conferences, summits,meetings, seminars, training projects,and so on. Our professional translation services are designed to assure your business globalized. We have been serving hundreds of clients nationally and internationally in almost every industry.

Well known lawyer firm shareholder team assist Elite Stage with professional lawyer guidance, to help clients explain law terms and avoid company risk,our business is involved in securities and capital market, international investment, infrastructure building, Intellectual property ,new energy and other main fields.