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Fengxian Industrial Park

Fengxian Industrial Park was approved by shanghai municipal government in 1995. It is one of three the most significant state-level parks and the only one shanghai-level park in Feng Xian District located in south part of Shanghai. Feng Xian is crowned as economic center of shanghai in 21st century, attracting attention and support from city and local government. The total area of Fengpu is 33.38 km2. It was developed by 2 parts. After more than 10 years development, there are several types of industry leading in Fengxian, viz. electronic and telecommunication devices manufacture, new energy, bio-pharmacy, auto parts. There have been 360 companies in our park by 2012. Among them, 252 companies are foreign-based, with an amount of 250,000 labors.


Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone

Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone consists of Jinshan Industrial Zone, Jinshan No.2 Industrial Zone and Zhangyan Industrial Zone. The total planned area of the zone is 25.81 square kilometers.
Jinshan Industrial Zone——The former Jinshanzui Industrial Zone, is located in the east of Jinshan District. Major resident enterprises:


 China Greatwall Electric Appliance Group Shanghai Co.,Ltd.
 Kanai Tokusen Shanghai Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
 Shanghai Xinda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Jinshan No.2 Industrial Zone——Established in 2001, it is the only fine chemical engineering industrial zone in Shanghai. Situated in Jinshanwei Town, Jinshan District, it neighbors Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone in the east and Shanghai Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. in the south. Major Resident Enterprises: Lanxess, Sued-Chemie, Albe, HENKEL, Taijie Chem , Huayi, Shanghai Chemical Engineering Research Institute, East China Science and Engineering University and Shangahi Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS

Zhangyan Industrial Zone——Located in the middle part of Jinshan District and northwest of Zhangyan Town, Zhangyan Industrial Zone was approved as a hi-tech industrial zone by Shanghai Municipal Technology Commission on May 28, 2003. On April 3, 2006. It was verified as Shanghai Zhangyan New Material Further Processing Industry Base of China Torch Plan. After three stages of development, a characteristic industrial zone with industrial chain and industrial cluster of electronic and electric, power transforming and switching equipment, advanced manufacturing and new household textiles have gradually taken shape

Qingpu Industrial park

A municipal level industrial zone width totally planned area of 16.16 square kilometers established in november 1995.In location of Qingpu district, Shanghai, a transportation and manufacturing center of Yangtze River Delta Area.Near by vast and beautiful Dianshan Lake of 62 square kilometers; width unique and gifted natural environment. An Ecology Industrial Zone blessed width unique natural environment and geographic convenience. A fast-growing zone boosted by efficient comprehensive service and distinctive investment advantages. Infrastructures including roads, communications, tap water, electric power, natural gas, steam, sewage treatment, rainwater discharge and ecological environment in line width international standards.