Notice For Foreigner Work Permit “No Face-To Face Approval”

Notice For Foreigner Work Permit “No Face-To Face Approval”


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All Relevant Enterprises:


In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection, effectively reduce the number of gathered people, achieve the quick, safe and healthy online services, and protect the life safety and physical health better in Shanghai, the relevant notice is as follows:


In order to better cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, and facilitate the employers to go through the relevant formalities of administrative tasks online, during the prevention and control period, the foreigner work permit approval process in Shanghai is temporarily adjusted, the "No face-to face approval " will be implemented.


For the foreigner work permit notice (class B and C), the foreigner work permit extension (class B and C) and all cancellation tasks , the employer can use the "Commitment system" to realize the entire process online processing, no need to submit paper materials for site verification. Other tasks involving foreign high-end talents in handling the notice of foreigner's work permit to China, the foreigner's work permit extension , the foreigner's work permit change, etc. still maintain the original process, but no need to submit paper materials for site verification.


 It is suggested that foreigners who have obtained the notice of work permit but have not yet entered China should better apply for work visa (z) at Chinese Embassy and consulate in abroad. After obtaining Z visa (Z visa is generally valid for 3 months), you can arrange the trip to China within the valid period according to the actual situation. Meanwhile for foreigners who had applied for Z visa before the epidemic, and Z visa expired in later period, the employer shall submit relevant information for approval after the epidemic,and foreigners can enter China with other visas .


The examination and approval authorities should strengthen the supervision during and after the application, and establish the employer's good standing data files . The employer shall ensure that the submitted materials are true and effective, and cooperate the verification for later supervision. For those who provide false materials or fail to provide the original documents, the examination and approval authority could give different treatment according to the situation: for example, no longer apply to any commitment examination and approval (including salary commitment, 123 service commitment, etc.); suspend the employer and agency to handle the work permit tasks for foreigners etc. Where an administrative approval is obtained by deception, the examination and approval authority shall have the right to cancel it according to law.


 In order to avoid cross infection and stop the spread of the epidemic, for operation issues, the employer can consult through hotline, official wechat, website message, etc. Telephone service hotline: 8008205114 (Landline) 4008205114 (mobile phone).


When the employer goes to the bureau to handle on site, please wear the mask consciously and correctly, and do self-protection; in case of suspected symptoms of novel coronavirus infection, such as fever, cough, sore throat, chest tightness, etc., please inform the staff in time and stop handling; when leaving the service bureau, please take away all materials and waste masks.


This notice shall be implemented as of the date of issue. The execution time shall be notified when the epidemic ends.

「Elite Stage 」would like to remind all the foreign  friends to pay attention to this notice and handle well  the work permit renewal, amendment, replacement and cancellation. If you have any questions, you can consult our English  consultants .  Please stay safe and healthy!

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