Invoices Qualification

Identification of Purchase of Invoice

The Following Materials Must Be Prepared:

 Books of Purchase and Receipt of Invoice & Form of Application and Approval of Invoice
 ID, 2 ID photos, and permit of invoice purchase of taxpaying officer (who is usually the financial staff, legal person of enterprise, company staff, etc.)
 Bring official chop, chop of legal person, specific chop of invoice, and the original certificate of tax registration with you; the taxpaying officer and the financial staff of company go to the taxation department together, the legal person is required to sign his name when the invoice is taken for the first time, namely, the legal person must accompany them together to the taxation department.


 The above materials shall be prepared by the small-scaled taxpayer who buys the invoice for the first time.
 As to the general taxpayer who purchases the invoice for the first time, he shall prepare the below materials, in addition to the above: the original certificate of training of computer knowledge; IC card of tax control system; carry out zero Tax by computer (Tax Recording is one of the processes to control special invoice of VAT through Golden Tax Project) (prior to Tax Recording , please input basic information of enterprise); print out the form of zero Tax Recording .
 The above-mentioned materials are generally needed by taxation departments. Providing the taxation departments have updated request or new regulations, enterprises shall follow the latest issued by the taxation departments.