If Foreigner Changes his Job , how to do with the Work Visa?

If Foreigner Changes his Job , how to do with the Work Visa?

Transfer and Extend 1 Year FWP and RP 

from employer A to employer B 

What's the application procedure?

What documentation need to be prepared?

Employee needs to provide at beginning
Original Passport with valid RP in it (visa better still valid over 30 days)
Resume or CV (in English or Chinese)+QA form
Original of your diploma( Bachelor, Master or Doctor degree) (If issued in abroad, provide the authentication certificate legalization
Original official Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or No Crime Recording(NCP) from your home countryIt can be avoid if you apply with 「Elite Stage」 within 20 days before your expiry date

Employer A needs to cancel your work permit
China HSK Certificate (if you have, if not, just ignore it)
Three Passport Photographs (2 inches size: 3.5cm*4.5cm)
Original of the Registration Form Of Temporary Residence (Updated with your current address and passport number)
Original Labor Contract(Employment Contract)
Two Original resignation letters from previous company (with official company stamp)
NoticePlease send all the clear color scan or photo first by email to Consultant@Elitestage.com, We will review your documents first.

Employer(Company)should be qualified with online initialization
Copy of the updated Company's Business License (best 3 into 1)
Copy of the Company Approval Certificate ( for foreign investment company)
1 request form to fill in
Information (Company office address + Company HR staff)(If you don’t have office or staff , pls. consult our virtual office / outsourcing assistant solution. )
Normal Service takes:27 Working Days

Frindly Notice:

  1. If Company A and Company B is not in the same industry (for example, Company A is consulting company and company B is a coffee shop), then the application failure rate will be higher than in the same industry.
  2.  According to the immigration regulation, after we submit your new FWP in the name of employer B, you need to give up your former RP of employer A and change it to a 1 month 0 entry M visa immediately to avoid the illegal employment.

Elite Stage promises

to provide the most reliable services

with the most favorable price

In 2020,

an online system &

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