Human Resources Permit

The Request For Applicant

 Any company specialized in dealing with business of agency of talents shall be equipped with competent site and facilities and its registered capital shall not be less than RMB 100,000
 There must be over 5 full-time employees who have at least 3-year college education background and have received Qualification Certificate of HR Service of XX Province
 The improved and feasible working rules and systems are available
 The applicant has an independent ability of undertaking civic liability
 All the other conditions stipulated by relevant laws, rules, and regulations.
 After the application request has been allowed, the provincial human resources and social security department will verify and approve it and then issue Permit of HR Service. Depending on Permit of HR Service and the relevant documents, the enterprise may apply for business of HR service.

Scope Of Application

★ Talent agency (headhunter):

 Services of collecting, sorting out, saving, releasing, and consulting information of supply and demand of talents.
 Internet service of talent information.
 Recommendation of talents.
 Recruitment of talents.
 Training of talents.
 Test and assessment of talents.
 The other relevant businesses specified by laws, rules, and regulations.

★ Agency of employment:

 Recommend the labors to a recruiting company.
 Recommend the labors to a recruiting company and a urban household.
 Launch occupational guidance and offer management and consultation services of HR.
 Collect and release occupational information of supply and demand.
 Take up internet information service according to relevant national regulations.
 Organize occupational recruitment fair.
 All the other service items verified and approved by administrative authorities of labor and social security.

Materials Of Establishment Of A Company:

 The proposed company name, the confirmed business scope, and the identified proportion of capital contribution of all the shareholders.
 Designate the legal representative and the supervisor of the Board.
 Supply ID photocopies of all the shareholders, the legal representative, and the supervisors, and verify the original.
 Materials proving the registered capital (fund) of more than RMB 100,000 Yuan.
 Proof of land use of business site (housing nature and area certificate of office and business sites over 50 ㎡, the leasing contract and the certificate of housing property must be attached in case the property is rented), and a list of working equipment (model and quantity).
 The employee’s CV and qualification certificate (at least, 5 employees have education background above 3-year college and qualification certificate of agency of talents, 1 supervisor of agent and 4 staff of agent)
 Qualification certificate and employees labor contracts, CV and ID certificate of the legal representative.
 A Letter of Commitment of Notification of Talent Agency Permit.
 Working specification and regulations of service organization of talent agency.