HR Management

Here’s a high-level overview of the HR agency services we provide to customize the HR solution for your business:
Your employees will have access to comprehensive, affordable coverage. Best of all, you can choose from a wide range of benefit packages, even your company is still in the process of registering.

Company HR Services include:
 Employment Administration Services.
 Shanghai Talented Personnel Services.
 Social Insurance Payment Services.
 Housing Fund Payment Services.
 HR Outsourcing and HR Management.
 Recruitment and HR Interview Services.

Recruitment and HR Interview Services:
Hire the right people the first time with our reliable and efficient recruiting processes. Elite Stage team of highly skilled recruiting professionals will work with you to find the right person.
 Job description development
 Process review
 Interviewing and selection
 Recommendation Reports

Employer Liability Management:
Get relief from time-consuming legal paperwork and let us help you manage your risk.
We’ll act as your HR administrator, freeing you from tedious job –
 Employee handbooks
 Termination assistance
 Employee relations assistance
 Substance abuse prevention

Employment Administration:
Improve your business focus by reducing the burden of employer-related paperwork and HR bureau handling and waiting time. Elite Stage will make sure your payroll and salary is always on time, while handling all related personal income taxes and employment verification needs.
 Payroll processing
 Payroll record maintenance and management
 Payroll compliance
 Online formalities handling
 Employment verification

Shanghai Talented Personnel Services
In Shanghai, according to Provisions promulgated on April 30, 2002 by Decree No. 122 of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government:
" Persons both at home and from overseas with an academic record of or above a college graduate's or with special talents who come to Shanghai for employment or business development without changing their household registration or nationality may apply for the "Residence Permit in Shanghai Municipality" .
All above Shanghai workers who want to settle down in Shanghai, they can apply for Shanghai Local Residence Permit, after 7 years, they can change to Shanghai Registered Residence, and enjoy the same benefits as Shanghainese.
 Newly open Shanghai Local Residence Permit
 Change Shanghai Local Residence Staff information
 Shanghai Local Residence Address Approval
 Renew Shanghai Local Residence Permit