How to Prove No Criminal Record When Applying Work Permit?

How to Prove No Criminal Record When Applying Work Permit?

No criminal record, it is believed that many people will never come into contact with, or even heard of it. In fact, no criminal record, mainly for going abroad, as well as part of the enterprise employment, is a kind of proof of no illegal behavior. How do we prove that you have no criminal record?

China Police Clearance Certificate 

for People Live in China before

 What documentation need to be prepared?


Passport copy (photo page + all Chinese visas + All Chinese entry/exit stamp)


Assignment letter to be your agent


1 questionnaire needs to fill in


  • If you are HongKong or Macau citizen, please provide your "Home Return Permit" copy and "HongKong/Macau ID card" copy instead of above item 1. Passport copy (photo page + all Chinese visas + All Chinese entry/exit stamp)
  • For foreign country passport holder

    ( not including HK/Macau/Taiwan citizen), You need to have at least 1 working or family or study visa issued in shanghai before

Normal Service Time

15-25 Working Days

Above service including the NCR survey, translation and notarization.

The No Criminal Record  will mention your criminal record in CHINA (not the city name,

but whole China), it can be used for most of countries' visa and residence permit application, for example, for USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.


Some of countries( for example, France, Italy, Belgium residence permit application) request that NCR to be legalized in the Chinese foreign

affair center and their Consulate (Apostille), this will cause extra timing and cost, please check the extra timing and cost.

No Crime Recording(NCP)

 from your home country

If you didn’t live in your home country, then please provide the latest foreign country's where you have been lived more than 1 year. NCP issued from any one of following authority is available:

• Your country Local Police Station

• Your country Security Bureau

• Your country Local Court

The official Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or No Crime Recording(NCP) is not issued in China, then an extra authentication certificate(legalized the copy or original of PCC or NCP) is necessary, legalized & authenticated by any one of following authority is available:

• Notary Public, Ministry of Foreign Affair,Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your country

• Your country Embassy or Consulate in China

What is the application procedure?

Step 1

Collect above document (scan copy) by email


Step 2
Prepare documents for you to sign and scan

Step 3

Submit your application to the government (including police check; Chinese government notary; and foreign Consulate legalization etc.)

Step 4

After the NCR is ready, we will send you a scan copy of the "Police /Penal Clearance"

Step 5

Notify for balance payment.

Step 6

Deliver the NCR to you.

Why choose Elite Stage?

Flexible Service  


You don't need to come to China personally, everything can be done remotely


Our service covers most of the cities in China


The NCR we obtain for you will cover all the time you have been in China (normally from your first entry date of coming to China till the last exit date of leaving China)


One-Stop service: 

Include translation, Chinese government notarization.

The finial police check can be used directly for your immigration application


After the NCR is done, we can courier it by DHL


It's 100% guarantee service

Elite Stage promises

to provide the most reliable services

with the most favorable price

In 2020,

an online system &

Start-up Tips Audio Sharing have been lauched

ensuring every client

to get work visa application progress in real time

 enjoy one-to-one specialized consulting services

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