HK bank opening

Required Documents List for HSBC Bank Opening:

1. HK Certificate of Incorporation ( CI )
2. Business Registration Certificate ( BR )
3. Registry Documents ( NC1 Form) or AR1 this year and the annual change documents
4. M&A ( Memorandum & Articles of Association)
5. Proof of addresses of all directors and shareholders (Copy+ Original) -Personal name should be written in the address, and the most recent three months
6. The identity card or passport of all directors and shareholders  ( Original) - if it is not in English, must be translated by translation company or lawyer.
7. The Statement of Directors ( Original) -

The shareholder director is served by company.
The registered capital is not completed issued, as well as per share is not HK $1.00.
There is change of director shareholders, or increase of the registered capital ( if the annual  AR1 displays the latest data, no need to provide The Statement of Directors ).
Purchase the registered HK Company.

8. Structure Diagram (Original) - if the shareholder is composed of company, the ultimate beneficiaries of the company (individual person) should be showed.
9. Authorization Letter (Original) - If director is acted as the company, and the company has over two individual directors, which requires Authorization Letter. If there is only one director, it is not necessary.
10. Directors is acted by company group - will require the full set of registered files of the HK company.
11. True Copy ( Original)
12. CPA letter ( Original) which is CERTIFIED PIBLIC ACCOUNT LETTER

Notes: Elite Stage Can prepare NO. 7, NO.8. No.9. No11. No12, details please make inquiry.