Government Park


Why to Register your company in Shanghai Industrial Park?

  • Enjoy government Tax Refund preferential policies
  • Use the Industrial Office Address for Registration for long term
  • Annual audit, tax reporting, invoice purchase, VAT application one stop services
  • Registration capital request lower

Preferential Policies in the Bonded Industrial Zone

The YangShan Bonded Zone is enjoying the advantage of a bonded area, an export processing zone, and a bonded logistics area. It is a free port developed with China characteristics which is ranked as the most advanced bonded area mixed with land and port areas. It is also enjoying the most preferential policies, having the most complete functions, and enjoying the best location nationally. The Yangshan Bonded Zone is equipped with all the functions of container hub, bonded zone, export processing zone and bonded logistics zone.

Detailed functions include:

International Distribution: distribute to outside or inside after sorting, allocation, and value-added processing.
International Re-export Trade: to export the imported products to another country or area without any processing after the products stored in the bonded zone.
International Transit: to split and join the both the international and national parcels and transport to other ports outside.
International Procurement: to make value-added processing on the imported products and sell to international or internal markets.