Employment Process


HR Administration Outsourcing:

We provide one-stop HR Administration Outsourcing services from the "beginning to the end" to employers.

Available Services:
Entry/Exit management Signing, termination and dismissal of labor contracts; entry and exit formalities; exit talks.
Social insurance Formalities related to the opening of social insurance accounts and change, joining, annual inspection, payment and claim of social security plans.
Housing funds Join, change, transfer, use and certify housing fund plans
Formalities for employment/dismissal Formalities in relation to employing and dismissing employees; transfer of personal files.
Staff files management Staff files management that ensures the integrity and security of staff files.
Documents applications Issuing certificates of various kind, and work and residence permits for eligible employees, etc.
Policy advices Consulting services in relation to government relations, human resources and labor relations policies and regulations.

Values of the Service:
Lower operating cost The employers could get lower cost through scale effect, reduce the headcount, time and energy required for operational tasks, improve cost-effectiveness and reduce operating cost.
Enhance human resources management standard We spare the human resources staff from day-to-day administration duties, allowing them to focus on core issues of strategic importance to enhance human resources management standard.
Quicker access to professional management technology platform Employers no longer need to invest heavily in platforms and associated hardware; with the professional management technology platform we offer, employers are freed from day-to-day maintenance.
Simplified and integrated processes Multiple processes with government agencies are simplified. Through HR administration outsourcing, we share the best practice to further integrate processes and improve management standard.
Reduced management risks Labor and HR-related laws and regulations are changeable; policies vary from region to region. That’s why employers need HR administration outsourcing, which helps save time and energy, eliminate blind spots in management, reduce risks and ease pressure.