Cayman Islands Formation

Incorporation Services


Location – Approximately 1,150kms south of Florida. The Cayman Islands consists of a group of three islands in the Caribbean
Population --Approximately 54,000
Languages – English (official)
Legal System – English Common Law
Currency – Cayman Islands dollar (approx. USD 1: KYD 0.82)
Exchange – None
Economy – The Cayman Islands is one of the world’s the leading financial centre in the world. Most of the revenue is being derived from the financial services sector and tourism. The Cayman Islands are a favoured jurisdiction for mutual funds and financial services
Time Zone – Zone GMT -5
International Banks – Barclays Bank, Bank of NovaScotia, Royal Bank of Canada
Principal Corporate Legislation – Cayman Islands Companies Law


The financial services sector is one of the main industries in the Cayman Islands; the offshore financial services industry is continually being developed. The popularity and reputation of the Cayman Islands has increased significantly in Asia. The Cayman Islands established its own Stock Exchange in 1997. The Cayman Islands is a British colony. The Companies Law of the Cayman Islands is based on the English Companies Act of 1948 and can be found in the Cayman Islands Companies Law in 1960, as amended. All the major international accounting firms are present, and there are several high-quality law firms. Miami is one hour away by air and there are direct air links with New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston and Jamaica. The islands are a popular cruise-ship stop.


 A premier international financial centre – Over 40 of the world’s top 50 banks have established branches or subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands.
 Strong reputation, professionalism, confidentiality, political stability, asset protection and geographical location.
 Approved by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong for public listings in Hong Kong.
 Favoured jurisdiction for mutual funds and trusts.
 Company names in English and Chinese are allowed.
 No taxes relating to individuals, corporations or trusts and no exchange control regulations in the Cayman Islands.
 Director and shareholder information cannot be searched publicly.
 Statistics of Cayman Islands Government General Registry Companies