A letter to Foreign Friends

A letter to Foreign Friends

A letter to Foreign Friends

A Letter to Foreign Friends
Dear all, 

As you all know, China has been fighting against the novel coronavirus outbreak these days. We believe you are very concerned about the current situation about China.


Hereby, Elite Stage, aimed as an specialized foreign services platform, is writing this letter to you, trying to share the latest pandemic information we got and relieve your worries and anxiety.

How is Shanghai at present?


At 12: 00 on Feb 9, Shanghai has cleared a total of 1,002 suspected cases and reported a total of 293 confirmed cases. Among the patients, 97 people are from outside Shanghai and other 196 are Shanghai permanent residents.


At present, Shanghai has stringently control and prevent the outbreak from all aspects. Foreigners in Shanghai are available to the latest information via two channels.

From Feb 1, Foreign affair office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has opened up a special column on its website with 5 languages(http://wsb.sh.gov.cn/), including Chinese, English, French, Japanese  and Korean, updating the latest information of the epidemic.



From Feb 2,12345 hotline provides 7 languages consulting service related to the common questions of Shanghai prevention of the novel coronavirus .

What polices are announced in term of business in response to the outbreak ?


01 Working Time

Due to epidemic prevention and control, Chinese administration has given an adjustment announcement that business should not to resume work before Feb 10, 2020 at the earliest.

02 Tax Reporting

In response to the acknowledged difficulties faced by business, China’s State Tax Administration has announced an extension for the deadline of January tax filing, from the originally planned deadline of February 17,2020 to February 24, 2020.


Is there any changes for Elite Stage Platform services ?



During this period, Elite Stage will continue to provide comprehensive services as usual since Feb 10. Besides, a smart tax and accounting online system will be launched to assist regular tax filling. We will complete the tax filing as usual and provide all our one-stop solutions to meet your comprehensive needs both for China and HongKong business .


If there are any questions, our consultants will give advice online by wechat, phone call or email, we will take efforts to support you as best as possible.


Last but not least, we sincerely extend the most heartful thanks and wish you all the best!


Elite Stage Platform


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