2020 Startup New Year’s Eve Party

2020 Startup New Year’s Eve Party

After 2019 huge success, the 2020 edition of the Startup New Year's Eve Party is officially on!

What to expect?

Free flow of booze (everything from wine to hard liquor) and soft drinks

Snacks (the usual wraps, chips, cookies, etc.)

Games (with classics like shake your head)

Tequila shoutout (some liquid courage for the faint of heart)

Music & dance

Lucky draw (for those blessed and not-so-blessed alike)

And more!

2020 is about to arrive and everyone is pushing the last few weeks of the year to reach sales targets, pitching to new clients and get investors on board. At the same time, the new year will bring new goals, new challenges, and new opportunities. New Year's Eve represents an iconic moment for all, a clear-cut to a new start, the end of the past and the beginning of a new future.

With so many options in Shanghai only focusing on loud music and heavy drinking, we are bringing the startup atmosphere to all entrepreneursstartuppersbusiness peoplehustlers and change-makers that want to spend the 2020 New Year's Eve the Smart Way!

The 2020 Startup New Year's Eve Party is the perfect place to celebrate the end of the year with like-minded people in a joyful environment full of gamespitchesmusic, and booze (of course!) Enjoy free flow of foods, drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails, mingling with the best hustlers in Shanghai while waiting for the 2020 New Year countdown!

You will have the chance to pitch yourself or your project in front of fellow attendees, but only after your tequila shot during the "Tequila shoutout" session! Hilarious games and music will guide your night toward an unforgettable New Year celebration, the Startup Way!

If you got bored of New Year's Eve parties with no personality and people you do not really know or if you simply want to spend an epic night in the company of fellow hustlers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, look no further, the Startup New Year's Eve Party is the place where to start living your legendary 2020RSVP NOW!


Early birds till Dec 22nd


1x $5000 AWS Credit

2x $1500 AWS Credit

More updates are coming...


Want to be involved?

Gianmarco Meli:


WeChat: gianmeli2

Marian Danko:


WeChat: marik77

Date & Time

21:00-01:00, Tuesday-Wednesday, Dec 31 - Jan 1


819 West Nanjing Road, 3F.

West Nanjing Rd. Exit 3

Follow the Unicorn

Watch the video how to get to the venue


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