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Shanghai Maternity Leave丨你需要知道的中国产假

In China maternity leavelegislation recently changed due to amendments to family planning laws. What doyou do when your employee is pregnant and what obligations do you have, as an employer?This article will familiarize you with the newest regulations, in order to keepup, and comply with them. 最近由于修改计划生育法,中国的“产假法”最近出现了变化。当您的员工怀孕时,您有什么工作以及雇主有什么义务?本文将熟悉最新的法规,以便跟上并遵守。 Read more

Shanghai’s New VAT Rule & How It Can Benefit Your Business

In the recent State Council's introduction of a number of inclusive tax cuts for small and micro enterprises, the tax exemption for small-scale VAT taxpayers has been raised from monthly sales of 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, benefiting hundreds of thousands of small businesses in Shanghai. 在最近国务院推出一批针对小微企业的普惠性减税措施中,将增值税小规模纳税人免税标准由月销售额3万元提高到10万元惠及了上海全市数十万户小微企业。 Read more