2019 China Startup Ecosystem Summit 双语

2019 China Startup Ecosystem Summit 双语

2019年9月20日在上海利程坊,Startup Grind 将联合各大活跃及领先的初创社区、创投基金、跨国企业,当然还有众多初创企业,展示中国初创生态圈的活力。

On September 20th, 2019, Startup Grind will team up with the hottest startups, communities, VCs and MNCs to build a showcase of China's startup ecosystem at Explorium, Shanghai.

本届峰会极其精彩,先为大家揭秘部分精彩环节和大咖嘉宾, The show will be awesome! Introducing some sections and our speakers:

Time & Venue 时间地点

September 20th | 1pm - 8pm

@Exporium, Shanghai 上海 利程坊

Early Bird ¥80/person by Aug 30th

Full Price ¥150/person, Scan to Register!



Fireside Chat Speakers 访谈嘉宾

Reinout Schakel,瑞幸咖啡首席财务官和首席战略官。在加入瑞幸咖啡之前,Reinout 曾担任香港渣打银行执行董事一职,并于瑞士信贷投资银行部任职多年,拥有超过十年的股权、债务融资以及并购业务经验。在过去六年里,Reinout Schakel一直致力于为亚太地区领先的消费和零售公司提供咨询服务,对亚洲消费市场的发展、尤其是中国新零售市场的长期增长趋势有着深刻的理解。

Reinout Schakel, CFO & CSO of Luckin Coffee. Prior to Luckin, Reinout has served as an executive director of Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong and has worked for Credit Suisse for many years. He has over 10 years of experience in private equity, debt financing and mergers and acquisitions. For the past six years, Reinout has provided consulting services to leading consumer and retail companies in the Asia-Pacific region. He has a deep understanding of the development of the Asian consumer market, especially the long-term growth trends of China’s new retail market.

Reinout Schakel,瑞幸咖啡首席财务官和首席战略官。在加入瑞幸咖啡之前,Reinout 曾担任香港渣打银行执行董事一职,并于瑞士信贷投资银行部任职多年,拥有超过十年的股权、债务融资以及并购业务经验。在过去六年里,Reinout Schakel一直致力于为亚太地区领先的消费和零售公司提供咨询服务,对亚洲消费市场的发展、尤其是中国新零售市场的长期增长趋势有着深刻的理解。

Luckin Coffee Inc. (NASDAQ: LK) has pioneered a technology-driven new retail model to provide coffee and other products of high quality, high affordability, and high convenience to its customers. Empowered by big data analytics, AI, and proprietary technologies, the Company pursues its mission to be part of everyone’s everyday life, starting with coffee. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Xiamen, China, Luckin Coffee has operated over 3,000 stores across 40 cities in China as of 16th July 2019. The Company plans to open more than 4,500 stores by the end of 2019, which would make it China’s largest coffee chain.



Zou Jia, CTO of OYO China. Zou Jia has the PhD of Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciense from UC Berkely. Prior to OYO, Zou Jia was with leading tech companies including Google, Uber, and Mobike, to help their core businesses achieve exponential growth through technology optimization. When he served as Mobike's VP, he was managing a team of 400 product managers and engineers. And he was the founding member of China Growth Team at Uber.

截至2019年6月,OYO酒店已成为全球第三大连锁酒店(按房间数量计算)。在6年时间里,OYO已将业务扩展到800多个城市、23000多家OYO品牌酒店和85万间客房。OYO 以其创新的时尚产品面闻名于世,它们积极影响酒店体验,吸引了一些世界领先的投资者,包括Airbnb、软银愿景基金、光速资本、Greenoaks Capital、红杉资本(印度)和Hero Enterprise.

OYO Hotels & Homes has become the 3rd largest chain hotel group (by number of hotel rooms) in the world as of June 2019,. During the last 6 years, OYO has expanded to over 800 cities with 23,000+ OYO branded hotels and 850,000 rooms. OYO is famous for its innovative business model, which has disrupted the hotel industry and customer experience. Its investors include Airbnb, Softbank Vision Fund, Lightspeed Capital, Greenoaks Capital, Sequioa Capital (India) and Hero Enterprise.



Mark Li is the General Manager of Shanghai TengJing Technology Development Ltd, Co., and Head of Tencent WeStart (Shanghai) and Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (Shanghai). Mark selects, incubates, nurtures, and invests in internet, education, technology and culture startup teams that enter the incubator. Over the past three years, Mark and his team have provided thorough and thoughtful entrepreneurship services, accompanying the incubator based 140 startups in their growth.

Before managing Tencent WeStart, he worked as a partner in Shanghai Grand Yangtze Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. and had rich experience in investment and post-investment management. As an angel investor, Mark also participated in many investment projects in the education, technology, to-consumer, and blockchain segment.

Startup Girnd部分过往大咖嘉宾selected previous fireside chat speakers at Startup Grind:

Workshop Hosts 工作坊嘉宾

How to protect your intangible assets in China

姚迪 (左), 谷歌上海办公司法务负责人

Di Yao (Left), Head of Legal Google Shanghai

喻劼 (右), 观韬中茂上海办公室合伙⼈

Jay Yu (Right), Partner lawyer of Guantao Shanghai

主要内容 Key focus

我接触的一些创始人,都在谈IP,但实际上他们所谓的IP,并不是法律意义上法律保护的知识产权概念(专利,商标,著作权,商业秘密等),很多东西是创意、商誉、商业模式、商业秘密、专有技术。这些用传统的知识产权法体系很难保护,但是又具有商业价值,值得保护。论点可以有:1. 过去十年,对于“IP”这个概念内涵在不断扩大;2. 立法的延时性,导致采用当时有效的法律法规,不能回应市场对于“IP”概念不断扩大的保护需求;3.互联网时代的风口变化,造成等待立法更新不再可行;4.如何运用现有法律的技术设计来保护新的需求,是创始人必须要解决的问题;5. 一些案例展示和思考。

Many founders I met with are talking about IPs. But their understanding of IPs are very much different than legal definitions (patents, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and etc). Actually the IPs they are talking about are more like creative ideas, goodwill, business model, business secrets, and proprietory technologies, which are hard to be protected by conventional IP regulations and laws, but should be protected due to great business value. The workshop will focus on: 1) the concept of IP has enlarged in the previous decade. 2) conventional IP regulations and laws are lagged behind the latest IP concepts. 3) due to fast pace of TMT industry, hard to expect the change in legislation in time. 4) every founder need to find a solution under current IP laws and regulations. 5) my insights and case studies.

嘉宾简介 About the host


Di Yao is now acting as Head of Legal in Google’s Shanghai office. Before Google, Di worked as Head of Legal and Business Development -APAC for GoPro and Managing Associate in King & Wood Mallesons. Digraduated from SISU Law School in 2009 and received his Masters of Laws in Stanford Law School in 2015.

嘉宾简介 About the co-host

喻劼律师是观韬中茂律师事务所上海办公室的合伙⼈。在加⼊观韬中茂前,喻劼律师曾在美国Jones Day 律师事务所的纽约办公室任职,并曾作为访问律师在英国Monckton Chambers 律师事务所伦敦办公室⼯作。自执业以来,喻劼律师专注于知识产权及不正当竞争领域的法律服务,包括知识产权及科技交易设计与授权、争议解决以及合规。

Jay Yu is a Partner lawyer in Guantao’s Shanghai office. Before joining Guantao,


Design thinking reshaping retail-service experience


Joyce Liu (Sr. Interaction Designer & Creative Lead at frog)

主要内容 Key focus

为零售而设计是一个庞大的命题,从业务模式、人员组织、技术架构、零售触点等多个方面提出了全新的挑战。在frog,我们会针对零售转型类项目搭建一个多元团队、建立更具针对性的工作法和流程,以确保对零售体系中的各个环节进行深入的研究与雕琢。此次分享将会结合 frog的行业经验和观察,解读零售服务生态体系中不可忽视的重要元素,带给零售服务行业的创业者启发性的思考和观点。
Design for retail is a broad topic. It challenges business model, organizational structure, omni-channel touchpoints. At frog, we form a multi-disciplinary team and structure unique approach and methodologies for retail-service business design. We will bring insights and cases from frog's portfolio and observations to unfold the complexity of this territory to inspire and guide entrepreneurs.

嘉宾简介 About the host

刘珺婕是frog的资深交互设计师与创意负责人。她致⼒于⽤设计搭建商业与用户之间的桥梁,为用户创造全新的价值、推动商业和社会创新。在frog 她与跨领域团队协作,为金融、教育、消费品、汽车、教育等多领域的国内外客户搭建体验策略、设计产品与服务系统。她曾在瑞典、荷兰、中国学习工作。毕业于荷兰Delft科技⼤学交互设计硕⼠方向以及同济大学工业设计专业。


Startup Valuation and Industry Practices


Ellen Xu (Director at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services)

主要内容 Key focus


Startups need technology and capital to achieve growth, and capital market needs new business to create additioanl value. How startups choose right capitalists, especially how to understand valuation so that to win in negotiation. The workshop will focus on: 1) the difference between value and price from investors' perspective; 2) conventional valuation methods and startups' practices; 3) how to factor business model in the valuation and business decisions.

嘉宾简介 About the host



Agile development for innovative businesses


Philip Zhao (Vantiq Greater China GM)

主要内容 Key focus


-  利用事件驱动架构,以全新的方式处理实时的大数据流;

-  使用敏捷的开发工具,更高效的完成开发工作;

-  使用符合DevOps的开发模式,达到持续发开、持续集成的服务交付。

The digital transformation with enterprises requires agile development and rapid response to business changes. Today's emerging technologies, such as IOT, AI, and blockchain etc., will generate huge data streams, requiring real-time processing and correlation calculation.

How to solve the above problems?

- The event-driven architecture handles real-time big data streams in new ways

-  helping developers in a more efficient method

- provides agile development tools that conform to DevOps models, enabling CD/CI

嘉宾简介 About the host

Philip Zhao目前担任VANTIQ大中华区总经理。他在IT行业工作了23年,并在中国和亚洲拥有12年的管理经验。他的职业生涯随着电信,软件,云技术,大数据和人工智能技术的演变而发展。在加入VANTIQ之前,Philip创建了自己的企业致力于为中国的K-12学校提供大数据平台,最近该公司被收购。在此之前,Philip是Parallels的的销售总监,负责大中华区市场的所有销售和渠道事宜。

Philip has worked in IT industries for 23 years and 12-year management experience in China and Asia. His career grows with the evolution of the technologies from telecom, software, SaaS and Cloud, to big data and AI. Currently, he is working with VANTIQ as the GM of Greater China. Prior to VANTIQ, Philip created his own company offering big data platform to K-12 schools in China, and the company has been acquired lately. Before that, Philip was the sales director at Parallels, responsible for all sales and channel activities in the Greater China’s market. Previously, he was the general manager of CCH Greater China at Wolters Kluwer, leading the sales, marketing and product development functions.

Our Speakers 演讲嘉宾

Event Agenda 活动日程

Hackathon 创客马拉松

Job Fair 招聘会

Time & Venue 时间地点

September 20th, Friday | 1pm - 8pm

@Exporium, Shanghai 上海 利程坊

Early Bird ¥80/person by Aug 30th

Full Price ¥150/person, Scan to Register!




Elite Stage is a platform that provides One-stop business Solution for start-ups and foreign enterprises, founded by Venture Capital and Elite Stage Consulting Company, individual Lawyer Partners and Deloitte Auditors. For over 8 years, Elite Stage successfully assisted more than 800 companies from all over the world with their China market entry.

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