Monthly Archives: April 2017

5 Tips On How to Improve Your Work Relationship With shanghai translator

Due to the electronic revolution and modern transportation solutions, shanghai translator for interpreters has drastically increased. Business people all over the world are now participating in teleconference meetings. They also travel more frequently to the United States to complete their business transaction in person. For that reason, they may require the services of a...
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Bilinguals As A Key Factor To Globalization

Why Globalization and Bilingualism go hand in hand.   In my last submission I introduced the key role of Bilinguals to the new World order as the Bilingual a revolution, today I'll continue with more facts supporting the relevance of bilinguals, multilinguals and linguists in general to the successful and profitable participation of companies both small and...
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How to Share Translation Resources

As China deepens its reform and opens wider to the outside world, its foreign trade with different countries has been growing rapidly. As a byproduct, translation involving many fields is inevitable in business transactions, information exchanges, and other areas in need of communication between different languages. However for any single translation company, its translation resources...
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