Shanghai working on building most competitive IC industry

Shanghai working on building most competitive IC industry

Shanghai is pulling out all the stops to develop its integrated circuit (IC) industry into the most competitive one with the most complete industrial chain and the most advanced technology, authorities announced at IC China 2018 held in Pudong, Shanghai, on Dec 11-13.

A recent move has been to promote the establishment of a national IC innovation center and a national intelligent sensor innovation center in hope of strengthening the innovative capacity and enlarging the size of the industry.

Zhangjiang, Shanghai's tech innovation hub, has been selected as the core area for developing IC industry, and a first-class IC industrial cluster is expected to be formed there, according to Chen Mingbo, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

At present, six of the world's top 10 chip design companies have set up regional headquarters or R&D centers in Zhangjiang. And three of China's top 10 chip design companies have landed their headquarters there.

Meanwhile, it has become home to a number of top IC manufacturers such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp and Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corp, as well as the IC Design Industrial Park inaugurated in Nov 28, which is dedicated to bringing in and nurturing top-rated IC enterprises.

China has become world's largest and fastest-growing IC market, with the industrial output reaching 1.4 trillion yuan ($202.9 billion) in 2017.

Shanghai, the country's largest economic center, will make IC a significant name card to build up its "Made in Shanghai" brand.

IC China, a professional IC-featured expo, attracted over 200 enterprises in fields of semiconductor design, semiconductor manufacturing, equipment material, discrete devices, and high-end chips, among others.

The event was expected to bring together top global minds to discuss future development of IC industry and share latest achievements in the industry.


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