Shanghai Introduces Global Talents to Key Fields

Shanghai Introduces Global Talents to Key Fields

Shanghai is rolling out measures to attract more high-caliber personnel for the development of key fields including artificial intelligence, integrated circuits and biomedicine.

The city will offer overseas students easy access to Shanghai through professional institutions such as liaison offices and academic associations, and provide supporting services for overseas talents in accordance with their residence permits and foreign workers' work permits.

Efforts to promote convenience for foreigners are yielding good results. In 2018, Shanghai introduced 12,533 overseas students, and issued 80,399 work licenses for foreign workers and 395 R visas for high-end foreign personnel.

At the same time, Shanghai plans to build more bases for cultivating skilled personnel and professionals, and to launch incentives for innovation to promote the commercialization of scientific achievements.

To support employment and entrepreneurship, Shanghai will establish a batch of guiding offices in colleges to stimulate employment by encouraging entrepreneurship.

As for social security, Shanghai will facilitate the development of an enterprise pension system to boost employees' wellbeing and will pay more attention to workers' health in industries such as transportation and aviation.

The government will also optimize public services. For example, Shanghai will research a skilled personnel's information base and facilitate working via the Internet to improve efficiency.


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