Permit process for foreigners streamlined in Shanghai FTZ

Permit process for foreigners streamlined in Shanghai FTZ

Authorities at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone announce the launch of an upgraded version of the foreigner single window service model. [Photo/Economic Daily]

The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) recently upgraded its "single window" service model for the benefit of foreigners who live and work in the area.

The upgraded service allows foreigners to apply for and obtain three certificates – a work permit, a residence permit, and a physical examination verification certificate, at the same time.

The process will be at least 14 work days quicker than before, due to the fact that application materials will now be processed simultaneously, while previously they were processed individually.

An online service platform has also been established, allowing applicants to submit application materials online without the need to go to the separate departments.

Additionally, the multiple application forms have been integrated into one, bringing more convenience to applicants.

The "single window" service model for foreigners was first launched at the FTZ in January 2016, with an upgrade occurring in November 2017.

The second upgrade comes on the back of the call by the Shanghai government to create a world-class business environment in the area.


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