Materials required

Two kinds of investor:

For company investor, Certificate of Incorporation of Investor (notarized and authentication by local notary public and Chinese embassy, 2 originals)

For Individual investor,passport original and China entry record or passport notarized and  authentication by local notary public and Chinese embassy, 2 originals

Notes: If investor is in China, we can hold original passport to do registration process. (2 Originals)

Investor's bank reference to be issued by its related bank (original, 1)

Letter of appointment to New Company’s board members, supervisor(s) (signed by investor, original, 2) (If the board is to be set up, there should be at least 3 members);

Passport copy and resume of all board members, supervisor(s)(1 copy)

2 inch size photo of Legal Rep (2 original) and his/her CV

Leasing agreement (original, 2) and ownership certificate (copy and stamped by landlord, 2 copies), landlord ID copy with signature or company license with company stamp (2originals)

POA for signature (if investor authorizes other person to sign)( 5 originals signed by Legal investor)

Governmental forms (signed by Legal rep of both investor and new WFOE)

New WFOE’s Articles of Association (2 originals, signed by Legal Rep of Investor)

New WFOE’s Feasibility Study Report (2 originals, signed by Legal Rep of Investor)

The 2 copies of the passport of the legal representative and the supervisor (With investor stamp or investor signature)

Notes:  Item 3, 8, 9, 10 shall be prepared by us.