Latest China Visa News – July 2016

Latest China Visa News – July 2016

17th July 2016, According to the new policy from Shanghai Labor Bureau, for the new working visa application, you are request to provide original 2+ years working reference letter instead of the copy.

1st May 2016, To attract more foreign talent work in Shanghai, now the Shanghai  Labor Bureau provide a preferential policy for fresh graduated foreign student, even he/she didn't have 2 years working experience (the minimum requirement for China working visa before), if they reach following conditions, they can still apply the working permit and visa here in shanghai directly (more details, please check it with our visa consultant):

  1. Master degree or higher degree (Obtain from the university in shanghai)
  2. Employed by a company registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) or Zhang Jiang high technology park.
  3. Skill certificate suitable for his job

14th April 2016, According to the latest  policy, the Labor Bureau requires every company to apply a  user card if they want to hire foreign employee. It takes  extra 5 working days. To avoid any delay in the future, we suggest every client apply it  as soon as possible. More details about how to apply it, please check it with our visa consultant.

1st Feb 2016, Foreigners come from 51 countries who transit (destined for a third country or region - HK, Macau, Taiwan with booked a through air ticket) in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang within 144 hours (6 days) are exempted from visas for China.

20th Jan 2016, Shanghai entry-exit bureau request foreigners who got the new passport transfer their old visa to new passport within 1 month (count from new passport issue date), If you don't do that, you will be requested to show up  when you renew your next working visa  and you will face a warning or small penalty. (it might also affect your long-term visa application in the future, for example, 5 years working visa or green card application)

11th Jan 2016, For  the working permit renewal, According to the new announcement from the labor  bureau, it will take 5 working days instead of 3 working days. So, we remind  all of our clients, please submit your working visa renewal application (Service code: Z1 Service) at  least 6 working days before it expires.

9th Dec 2015, For the employee from HK, Macau or Taiwan, when you apply the working permit here in shanghai, you don't need to provide the health certificate anymore. Before it cost about 700RMB and takes 4 working days to get the health report, but right now, it's really convenient for the people from HK, Macau and Taiwan to work in shanghai.

1st Nov 2015, According  to the new rules from the shanghai labour bureau, if you are working in the company as a GM or vice GM, you don't need to provide Company's Articles of Association (AOA) and the assignment contract signed by board of directors.

1st Oct 2015, According  to the immigration regulation, If you quit your current company A and join a new company B, after we submit your new Alien Employment permit  (with company B), you need to give up your former residence permit of company  A and change it to a 1 month 0 entry M visa immediately to avoid the illegal  employment, it will cost extra money and time.

1st July 2015, New Shanghai visa rules to be implemented. According to that, it will have a lot of advantage and innovation for the long term residence permit and the permanent residence permit (China green card) . We will keep updating our website focus on those changes if we get more information, feel free to refer to your friend if it helpful. Following are some changes in practice we just get confirmed:

  • If foreign expat work in shanghai continuously for 4 years, every year stay in China over 6 month. Your salary is over 600,000RMB per year and you paid your incoming tax for 120,000RMB per year, with no criminal record in your home country, then you can apply  permanent residence permit (China green card or we called D visa);
  • If you work for the company which has the valid high-tech certificate, you can apply for the talents residence permit (R visa) for 5 years, after you continuously work for the company over 3 years, then you can apply the permanent residence permit (China green card);
  • Above 2 kind of foreign expat, can personally hire a foreign maid (ayi) and support the maid (ayi) to get a same length personal affairs residence permit (S1 visa);
  • For the university (in China) fresh graduated foreign student, if you plan to invest in Shanghai or open your own business in shanghai, you can apply 2 years personal affairs residence permit (S1 visa) until your business established.
  • For a normal foreign employee, you can apply the working permit and residence permit without leaving the country, this is very good since it can save a lot of money and time.
  • For a normal foreign employee, after 2 years continuous working in shanghai with a working visa, if you don't break any China immigration laws and regulations, you can apply 5 years long term working residence permit.

25th June 2015
, From 1st July 2015, Taiwanese can enter mainland China with visa free, they just need to carry the valid TaiBaoZheng (in English: Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents - MTP).

5th March 2015, China has a new rule (no.78 Rule) start from Jan 2015, especially  for foreigner who comes into China to finish a short term work (less than 90  days). In that rule, it determines which kind of situation count as a short term  working and what situation count as a short term business. Right now we can  only see an outline of that rule, more details about how to  process the short term working visa, it's still under discussion (VisaInChina will focus it and keep update). According to the rule:

Which situation count as a short term working? (less than 90days)

  • Foreigner comes  to Chinese Co-operation Company to finish some technical, scientific  research, management or guidance job
  • Foreigner comes  to Chinese sport club/organization to have a trial (including coach and  athlete)
  • Foreigner comes  to China for a film shooting (including advertisement film and documentary film)
  • Foreigner comes  to China for a fashion show (including model)
  • Foreign performance  (for commercial performance)

Which situation does NOT count as a short term working? (less than 90days)

  • Mechanical after  sales team come to China to repair, install, maintain, remove, guidance,  training (Apply M visa)
  • Bid Winner come  to China to do the project guidance, supervision, checking (Apply M visa)
  • Foreigner from  head office goes to shanghai branch, representative office to have some short  term work (Apply M visa)
  • Foreigner comes  to China to attend the sports event, including coach, athlete, team doctor,  assistant etc. (Apply M visa)
  • Foreigner comes  to China work as a volunteer (Apply F visa)
  • Foreign performance  (for non-commercial performance) (Apply F visa)


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