How to choose shanghai translator?

How to choose shanghai translator?

Working with an interpreter can be challenging if you do not communicate properly. Regardless if you hire a Boston interpreter, or request a verbal translator in Shanghai, make sure that certain guidelines are set up before your conference or meeting starts.


  1. Set ground rules - Determine the amount of sentences translated at a time, and if jargon or idioms can be used. Discuss seating arrangements, break times, etc.


  1. Prepare - Inform your interpreter who will be present at the meeting, the subject matter, and what else to expect. Whenever you hold a speech, give your translator a copy as part of the preparation procedure.


  1. Avoid humor - Interpreting a joke is often difficult. There may be no proper translation for certain words, and the joke may look stupid due to cultural differences. If you insist on funny remarks, discuss them first with your Boston interpreter.


  1. Sentences - Do not rush, speak clearly, and keep your sentences short. The more intricate your phrasing, the bigger the chances are that something will get lost in translation. Interpreters are not robots and work from memory. Always keep that in mind.


  1. Trust - When the slightest doubt arises, ask your shanghai translator provider to send over another candidate. Hesitation will show in your negotiations, and will have a negative impact on your business dealings. This can be avoided.


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