China in WTO has boosted world, domestic economy

China in WTO has boosted world, domestic economy

A World Trade Organization (WTO) bookstand is seen in a bookshop in Beijing, on Nov 5, 2001.

China has not only boosted world economic recovery and growth since its accession to the World Trade Organization, but also accelerated its reform and opening-up process and economic growth, according to a government document released Thursday.

The white paper "China and the World Trade Organization" released by the government said the country has quickened its pace in promoting new industrialization, information technology application, urbanization and agricultural modernization; created enormous opportunities for consumption and investment; and generated more jobs for the world.

According to Effects of China on the Quantity and Quality of Jobs in Latin America and Caribbean, a report released by the International Labor Organization, China created 1.8 million jobs for the Latin American and Caribbean region from 1990 to 2016.


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