Attention! You Can Not Enter China Because of…

Attention! You Can Not Enter China Because of…

Since January 1, 2019, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Canada has entrusted the China Visa Application Service Center to retain fingerprints and issue biometric visas for all Chinese visa applicants, including Canadian citizens.


The Chinese Embassy in Canada issued a notice in both Chinese and English on January 2, saying that the above measures were taken in accordance with the relevant Chinese laws and reciprocity principles. The Embassy also reminded that applicants for Chinese visas in Canada need to fill out an electronic visa application form online and make an appointment.





The Chinese Embassy in Canada stated that biometric visas are an international development trend that has spread rapidly around the world in recent years. Canada has implemented biometric visas in China since December 31, 2018, and has retained fingerprints of Chinese citizens applying for Canadian visas.


The Embassy emphasized that biometric visas are a technical means for China to improve the collection of personal information of applicants and do not raise the threshold for applying for Chinese visas. China has always been committed to improving the convenience of exchanges between Chinese and foreign personnel. Foreigners are welcome to come to China and are willing to provide all necessary visa facilities.






The Chinese Consulates in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary also posted notices on their respective websites to retain the fingerprints of Canadian visa applicants.


According to the relevant requirements, some visa applicants are exempt from fingerprint collection, including: persons under the age of 14 or over 70; heads of state or government and their accompanying family members; persons who meet the conditions for issuing Chinese diplomatic, official and courtesy visas; China Residents of embassies and consulates and their accompanying spouses, parents and minor children; those who apply for visas and fingerprints at the same Chinese embassy or consulate (or visa application center) within 5 years using this passport; incomplete or ten fingerprints People cannot keep.





The notice of the embassy or consulate reminds the applicant to go to the Visa Application Centre to obtain fingerprints. Forgery of fingerprints or forgery of fingerprints of others will result in a refusal to enter China, and the applicant must bear all the consequences.


Beginning from late 2018, Canada has requested most Canadian visa applicants from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas to provide biometric information. Five months ago, Europe, Africa and the Middle East made this request. The Canadian side said it will share biometric information with the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, while respecting laws and regulations such as the Privacy Act.






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